Amos Shein


Clockwise Organic Evolution, Organic Growth and Enlightened Being

Amos shein has a Foundation diploma Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts following BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. He works in various mediums such as installation art, sculpture, painting, drawing and performance.
Amos shein’s work revolves around transformation, creation of objects and imaginary assemblages / installations made out of discarded objects that were left behind.
Exploring and experimenting with performance, drawings and paintings of repetitive patterns that grow into organic forms.

Galleries: OXO Gallery, London 2007. Frieze Art Fair 2008.Village Underground Gallery London 2008.
Outdoor Tate Modern collaboration with House of Fairytales 2009. Independents Liverpool Biennial 2008. Shunt Vaults at London Bridge 2008/9.Brighton Media centre Gallery 2010. Hackney Wicked Art Festival 2009/10/11.

Festivals: Glastonbury Festival 2011. Big Chill Festival 2010. Secret Garden Festival 2008/9/10/11. Electric Picnic Festival, Ireland 2008/9. Play Group Festival 2011 and Wild Heart Gathering 2011. Frutos Festival, Spain 2007/8/9/10

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