Ines Von Bonhorst

“Apologetics”, a collaboration with the composer Michael Picknett and Yuri Pirondi

Ines von Bonhorst is a Director, producer and video artist with over 10 years of activity.                      Her works range from documentaries, long and short films, experimental films and                          video art installations, produced both in UK and Portugal.

In her work she often explores notions of identity, forms, limits and society using the subconscious,
surrealism and the counterfeit of being. She loves to mix the deceptive of the performance art, theater, circus, with the life itself as she thinks that the boundaries between the two realities are not so far from each other’s. She likes to use the space, architecture and mood as a way to tell a story or represent the sensations given by the location itself.

Many of her works try to create a spatial relationship between participants, she try to
create a connection between the real and the fictitious and try to provoke sensations taken
from our actual society such us anxiety,  fear, love, claustrophobia, etc… .                                             She interacts with the viewer’s through her video installations,  in that way the audience gain a new insight in their own definition of the “real”.

Ines’ works are many times fruits of prolific collaborations between different artists, such as composers, performers and visual artists.

Jaime Valtierra

On the top “Baba Homewerk“, on the bottom Composition Two Views”

His paintings and etchings are the result of a meditative and enduring process within the medium. Both in his still lives and his more narrative paintings, he explores figuration through a language that finds its way by means of composition of colours and a methodical understanding of space and form, also developing continuity through recurrent allegorical characters placed into imaginary situations and encounters, creating links between personal memories, present experiences, history of art and the modern world.

His digital work explores a densely abstracted world and its application as projected backdrops for the use of performance, theatre and experimental musical events. Use of low resolution images and basic animation techniques allows a continuous flux of patterns or simplified colourful landscapes and interiors reminiscent of modernist shapes and retro digital graphics.

Yuri Pirondi

“Portrait of Ernesto Tomasini” from Icons series

Grow up in the rural hills of Apennines Mountains in Italy, Yuri Pirondi degree as “Master of Art” at the Art Institute “A. Venturi” of Modena in Photography and Visual Arts.
After a brief carrier as advertise and still life photographer Yuri moved to London to develop his art projects and collaborations. His love for the portraiture and the performing art stimulated him to collaborate with numerous theatre companies and Live Art practitioners. During this instance he recognize the video as a perfect tool to explore the dynamism of the body language. Yuri begun to explore the moving image in different way: video art, collaborative performance for the camera, documentaries, featured and short movies.


Yuri Pirondi uses as main tools of his visual expression the photography and the video.
Yuri is working together with performance artists, creating images that going beyond the meaning of portraiture, not as documentation, but as a constant creative balance between him and the subject.
The body language fascinates him as well as describes the reality that surrounds us: our perception as human beings and the controversial reality that rules our world.
Any visible or invisible clues left behind is a starting point to explore.
Everything is political.
Anything that is pushed towards the boundaries of the common outlook is revolutionary.

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