Bruno Jamaica

On the top Freedom Fighters, on the bottom Atomic Magnollia

Drawing is a very different activity for Bruno Jamaica, more physical and less contemplatory.
Whether made with pen and ink on paper, or using elasticated straps out in the public realm,
the lines are less existential as Situationist – detournements of drawing as invasions of public
Translucent geometries in tension with space and landscape, the nature or the buildings,
pawned in reveal human gesture, while construction open to spatial intervention. They are
therefore comments, in communicative evidence of a creative statute that roots in the
occupation figure.
In the drawings the tops of the lines stretched and the structural geometries that
re-qualify a space gives way to a tension in the two-dimensional and graphic plan between the
quasi automatic gesture of scratch (draw) and a political worry of subject illustration.
The city, boats, warehouses, industrial structures, new energy platforms, etc… sounds to
comments more or less naive of critical questions of our time and a civilization condition in
But in them the beauty saves everything. the ingenuity reflects a deep optimism, an intemperate faith in the rescue of our consciousness by purity and simplicity.

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