The exhibition questions social, political, economical and technological organizational premises, abstracting these rules through the process of creative expression in order to highlight the hypothetical balance and unbalance of things.

Equilibrium, a system in which competing influences are balanced, as a show, aims to draw attention to the struggle for individual and collective balance within the system’s conveyed order.

During 5 days, a Hackney based collective of international artists incites the audience to explore the search for equilibrium in Life over a series of thematic evenings, re-evaluating these influenceswith an exploratory tone of defiance and creativity. Equilibrium within Chaos.

The exhibition

“Untitled” of Yuri Pirondi Performance for the camera of Madalena Pinto and Amos Shein.

“Organic Growth” of Amos Shein

“Enlighthened Being” of Amos Shein

“Don t B Afraid”
The Installation of Bruno Jamaica represents a forest made of elastic bands.                                      A spacial drawing invites the audience to touch and walk in the piece.

“Standing Silence”of Ines Von Bonhorst

As the world moves away from the Industrial Age and deeper into the Information Age, the relics of our former industries can been seen aging and abandoned. These forgotten factories, have served their useful lives and now stand silent. Inviting five different artists and give them different areas of the rooftop each. yhey freely create a unique performance inspired by the concept.
In collaboration with Madalena Pinto, Amos Shein, Marlon Random and Yuri Pirondi.
Live music of Roberto Crippa.

“Olympic Knob Jockeys” of Marlon Random

Live visuals of Marlon Random

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