Jean Genet Centenary

A project to commemorate the first centenary of his birth. Jean Genet was born 1910, of unknown father and prostitute mother. Novelist, poet, French playwright, homosexual, hustler, thief and jailbird. As a result of his life experience, his work deals with the disadvantaged and with certain facts that no one wants to acknowledge and that society strives to hide. He dared to take the beauty from the darkness and to sublime transgression to turn it into art and love of life, engaging in social and political causes, making reality its honesty to intelligence, sensitivity and strength. Coinciding with the centenary of his birth, we provide tribute to his life and works through plays, music.

The exhibition.

The performance night

“The Corridor” of Yuri Pirondi

The photographic installation of Yuri Pirondi is inspired by Jean Genet’s Balcony, in the role of Irma, the madame of the brothel. The installation is made by voyeuristic lenses with the aim to look inside the black wooden box, like the peepshow of Genet’s brothel. In the pictures are portrayed the artist presents in the project, with their piece or performance.

Amos Shein´s installation and performance

“The Queen does Nothing” Performed by Madalena Pinto, visuals by Marlon Random In collaboration with Ines Von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi

“The Death of Arlequin” of Marlon Random

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