Madalena Pinto

          On the left a portrait of the artist, on the right “The High Priestess” from Tarocco series of Yuri Pirondi

Madalena Pinto is a movement artist.
She uses the body and its inevitable condition of movement as a beginning for creation.
Her interest in this subject was primarily explored through sound, martial arts and meditation dances at the same time as she completed a degree in History at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
An interest in performing brought her to London where she completed a 3 year diploma programme at the International School of Corporeal Mime with Steven Wasson and Corrine Soum diving deeply into the technique of Etienne Decroux and coming out the other side as an activist of visual theatre.
Moved by beauty and the emotional and mental complexity of human beings, her solo work is an intense picture of life as it happens in our daily routines or in our deepest dreams.

She currently performs as part of The Mime Terrorists, Elastic Theatre and is the Co-Director of the Mission Arts Club in East London.

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