Mnemonic City. Magma Collective in Florence

Biagiotti Progetto Arte gallery, Florence

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Anna Burel, Anna Capolupo, Yasmine Dainelli, William Howard, Rupert Jaeger, Yuri Pirondi, Jaime Valtierra, Ines Von Bonhorst

opening Tuesday 27th of May 2014, 6 pm

Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation is pleased to present Mnemonic City, a project by Magma collective in the city of Florence. The collective was founded in 2009, it’s based in London and its artists are from every corner of the world. The word Magma is used as metaphor: a constant image of evolution allowing the transmutation of form into other states. The group acts in a similar way to the changes that take place in molten matter, it tries to develop a trajectory of constant creative effervescence.

The group is characterized through its diverse and flexible identity, in particular through his own members, their skills and art forms, which are painting, sculpture, installation, video art, or all of them activated as one. Through the fluid and embracing nature of
Magma collective, a platform is created where each artist has the opportunity to advance into the original thought by an exchange of ideas with other group members, developing between them opportunities, support and collaborations. This process generates a
communion of creative actions and expressions in the form of local and international interchange.

IMG_1420IMG_1505 IMG_1503 IMG_1497 IMG_1492 IMG_1488IMG_1409IMG_1484 IMG_1477

The collective continues his imaginative exploration of the city involving the territory of Florence in a stream of events from May 2013 until the end of June. Biagiotti Foundation has invited members of the group to exhibit – in a sort of preview of their intervention in
the city – some works created in previous editions of Mnemonic City. The exhibition will featured an heterogeneous body of work similar for poetic and creation, which will resume the approach of the collective to the specific issues of the city. ‘Mnemonic’ relates to specificity where the precise location within the city becomes meaningful. Magma therefore creates a series of signs by which artists and members of the audience can recognize a personal experience and significance and also learn about the history, mythology and other curiosities intrinsic to the space. The project Mnemonic City is inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the myth explores the relationship between
the man and his own space, wondering what is real or apparent.

IMG_1449  IMG_1444 IMG_1435 IMG_1433 IMG_1431  IMG_1427  IMG_1416 IMG_1415 Magma searches the identity of the place by fostering a personal and emotional meeting with the city, creating an active and multi layered map of the environment through a joint research. Magma will continue its Florence experience through a series of interactions with local
collectives, exhibitions and festivals. The partners involved in the project are: Foundation Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Gattarossa,
Mona Lisa Day, Visualcontainer, Lab Film Festival and Something Human.


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