Mauricio Velasierra


MAURICIO VELASIERRA is one of the worlds’ most consummate players of traditional Andean flutes. Probably the only musician in the world to be able to play the kena as a fully chromatic instrument, this has allowed him to develop a truly original musical language. With influences ranging from African music to jazz, his compositions are a rich mixture of largely unexplored Andean rhythms combined with contemporary melodies and harmonies. Mauricio has created his own system to play in all keys and quarter tones; allowing for the melancholic sounds of an ancient culture to combine with contemporary jazz styles, Asian sounds, and a rich mixture of Afro-Andean grooves. His music has a distinct identity with a strong personal narrative, giving his compositions vibrancy and a strange familiarity. His band combines musicians from all over the world, coming from very different musical styles.

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