Buildings, streets and people are an easy way to tell the story of the city.
Megalopolis questions life in large cities, with its advantages and disadvantages.
The exhibition develops its themes from the hopes, possibilities and fears of the individual facing the city. As citi-zens, this Hackney based collective of international artists will guide the audience in an exploration of the most untouched part of the city: a tapestry of individual views woven through a series of thematic evenings that explore every street of the Megalopolis hidden in everyone.

The exhibition

“Beijing”, “Tokyo” and in the background “Dubai” of Amos Shein.

Amos Shein’s performance with his piece “New York”

“Influx” from an idea of Ines Von Bonhorst, in collaboration with Yuri Pirondi, a video installation that explore the human invasion throuhg the architecture of the city. The audience was invited to play with the installation.

“Walking Town” of Bruno Jamaica

“Existence” of Yuri Pirondi

Imaging city buildings as a landscape that continuously change, buildings made by men, and as men they have human lives, they last seventy or eighty years in the big cities.
In the duration of a building, the wall get saturated with the life of many people, living or working. On a certain moment the people and the buildings are sharing the same life through the space, and even when a building, where we use to live, get demolished is still vivid in our memories through our personal relation with the space.

“The Molock!!” of Marlon Random

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