Miguel Guzman Pastor

“Desde 6”

Miguel Guzmán Pastor, born Madrid, lives and works between London and Madrid. In 2000, after receiving his BA+MA in architecture from Polytechnic University of Madrid, he started his artistic activity in Rotterdam with acclaimed artist Joep Van Lieshout. Guzman founded his own atelier for arts and architecture, active between 2000 and 2006, winning the Gold Promax Award to the best european TV Set and creating the Mexican Giantographic Pavilion, adapted to places like ARCO, Madrid, and Guggenheim Square, Bilbao. In 2000, he founded the sound art collective El Intruso, still active,  and makes original soundtracks. Since 2006, he studies performance and visual arts -writing, scenography, performance and direction- between London and Madrid. He completed his studies at The Prince’s School of Drawing, London. His artworks have been shown at artistic and cultural institutions in Europe, including Damien Hirst Showroom in London. In 2010 he was selected for  Resolution Performance Festival at The Place Theatre, London, and again in 2010, when he was granted by the Ministry of external affairs of Spain. In 2011 he presented his solo exhibition at Galeria Charpa, Valencia. Currently he lives and works in Madrid, where he leads “islandia”, his art space for collective creation.


Miguel Guzman’s artwork shakes, both angry and stunning, between the intimate and the public, between the subjective and the social. Guzman loves and transforms the beauty in order to multiply it, handling a big variety of artistic mediums. The aim: sharing stories. Throughout images, sounds, actions, he builds hypnotic and immersive experiences. His works are before us easy, accessible, kind. Nonetheless they take root in the body of the witnesser, making her become the main character of the artwork.


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