Mnemonic City FLORENCE

from the 27th of May to the 30th of June 2014
Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Rodrigo César Ferreira,Anna Burel, Anna Capolupo, Yasmine Dainelli, William Howard, Rupert Jaeger, Yuri Pirondi, Jaime Valtierra, Ines Von Bonhorst, Andrea Lucchesi, Sebastiano Benegiamo, Marco Zamburru, Carmelo Cutuli, João Leitão, Laura Calloni, Jacopo Rachlik, Rebecca Filippi, Alberto Gori.

Mnemonic City in Florence follows from the projects created in London and Madrid. The collective launched a new artistic exploration of the city involving the land of Florence in a stream of events from May 2014 until the end of June. It began with an exhibition at the Biagiotti Foundation in a sort of preview of their intervention in the city – some works created in previous editions of Mnemonic City. Magma joined forces with Gatta Rossa, engaging in a collaborative search for the identity of the place by fostering a personal connection with the members of the local collective and their native environment and creating an active and multi layered map of the experience through a joint research.

The walk through Arno Rivertumblr_inline_n79k9ex90j1ss229g

The groups went on a long walk along River Arno together using Circolo del Popolo, a recreational and relaxation venue for the community as a starting point. It lasted the whole day, visiting the under paths of the glorious town, unknown and unseen by tourists, ignored and often neglected by the authorities.

The walk ended in San Donnino, a little adjacent town known for its Chinese immigrant population. This journey and the emotions attached to the findings became a common ground for the two collectives whose perspectives were originally very distinct. The time was naturally distributed between private work in progress, discussions, and preparations for various events as well as dinners and festivities.

The Opening dayIMG_2311




The  sculpture“Untitled” by Carmelo CutuliMnemonic_Florence 60

IMG_2369                    IMG_2372

The photographic works “Florence I, II and III” by Yuri PirondiIMG_2448   On the left “Imparando da Firenze” by Rupert Jaeger. On the right “Florence Extract A” by William Howard_MG_1022

The idea of a divided, quasi-schizoid city began to emerge. The beauty torn by on one hand extreme tourism and on the other social neglect leading to territories of perdition. Somehow, all the artists involved seemed to perceive this deeply and this became the philosophical spine of the final exhibition in late June.

Mnemonic_Florence 45

The drawings “Untitled I and II” by Carmelo CutuliMnemonic_Florence 46

Mnemonic_Florence 19

Above and below etchings from the series Marlon plays Adolfa Musso Lina Lisa by Jaime ValtierraMnemonic_Florence 84

The photographic works “Untitled” by Anna BurelMnemonic_Florence 40

The etching “The Fall” by Ines von BonhorstMnemonic_Florence 48

The photographic works “Teatro Teleportato” by Pascal Ancel BartholdiMnemonic_Florence 51

The painting “Andrea Mnemonica” by Andrea LucchesiMnemonic_Florence 25

Mnemonic_Florence 53

The city of Florence was revealed in its entire squalid splendor. This was no longer adhering to romanticized visions of preserved aesthetics; this outlook incorporated the hidden modern reality of urban decay and commercial aggression.

Mnemonic_Florence 23

Above and below the frescos “Al Fresco” by Sebastiano BenegiamoMnemonic_Florence 20

Below the etching “Follow Up” by William HowardIMG_2450

Mnemonic_Florence 13

Above and below the installation “Exclusive” by Laura CalloniIMG_2489   _MG_0976        Below the installation “Prega per la Fine della mia Gioventú” by Alberto GoriMnemonic_Florence 16

All the realms evoked in Dante’s Divine Comedy were exposed through a different kind of poetry responding to the actual as much as to the imperceptible, for all still exist in one place.

Below the series of etchings by Yasmine DainelliMnemonic_Florence 1Below the installation “Construction” by Rodrigo CesarIMG_2485Below the installation “1913” by MArco ZamburruMnemonic_Florence 74IMG_2449

Above and below the installation “Vespertine” by Anna Capolupo_MG_0887Below the video “Eterno” by Yuri Pirondi and Ines von Bonhorst_MG_0904

Xenos gallery, where the resulting work was shown, acted as a workshop, studio and meeting ground, a veritable crater of creativity and communication during the entire duration of the project.


Above and below the experimental video night in Santo Spirito Square, in the heart of Florence._MG_1047

The partners involved in the project are: Foundation Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Gattarossa, Mona Lisa Day, Visualcontainer, Lab Film Festival and Something Human. A special thanks to Jacopo Rachlik and Ken Thai.

 For the full review of the event, please visit:

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