Ciudad Memoria – Madrid

(Mnemonic City)

03/04 November 2012 at the Espacio Islandia, Madrid
Mnemonic City is exploring the idea of city as a receptacle, taking inspiration from Plato’s Myth of the Cave. The allegory explores the relation of humankind with their environment, questioning what is real and what appearance is. The theme explores notion of identity,
fragmentation and the idea of shadow.
Magma’s own artistic evolution defies Plato’s argument, since the work at hand affords the audience a form of knowledge through sensation rather than through the exposition of form as an idea to be unravelled by the intellect. The electrified chamber the performers engineer shows us how the cave can transmute into a lake, the retina of an interior gaze remembering a history in the making.
The Magma Collective
The Gallery
Espacio Islandia is a multidisciplinary space for collective creations, situated
in the creative Calle de la Palma in the heart of Madrid.  
Exhibition – Private View
The nature of this series of performances is intricately linked to this conjunction of natures by which disparate physical and emotional organized elements construct an image, a common space which becomes an internal metropolis of sensations, a ‘Mnemopolis’, city of remembrance, where ‘anasubstantial’ interconnections take form and language turns back into a primordial sign.
Top and below on the right hand side the etching and aquatint hand poupee’ printed on cotton “Inneres Auge, or a study for the quest  of the Third Eye” by Sisetta Zappone
Above the text “Distance of the Land” and photograph “Double Passage”
by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi
At the centre ______ by Jaime Valtierra
Above ______ of Anna Burel
DESDE 6 CYCLE: A self-portrait through Plato’s cave” by Miguel Guzman
On the left: ______of Rupert Jaeger
On the right: ______of Amos Shein
Above is ______of Amos Shein
Void Shades: London Series by Yuri Pirondi

Performance Events

The cave Magma explores opens to show the dark motions of the mind traversing territories of ancestral memory having embarked on the ghost ship of mythology. The character of the environment thus reflects the development of the rapport established between the phenomenological process taking place ‘on stage’ and the perceptual response of the members of the public ‘off-stage’ in which these very ‘on/off’ dividing rules
become interchangeable and indistinguishable.
Performance Night – 3rd of November
“Tunnel”  by Azahara Ubera

“Light Inside/Out” by Azahara Ubera and Jesus Ubera

“Emergencia” by Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst

                Music by Mauricio Velasierra, performed by Azahara Ubera


“Ternura y Zarpazo” by Miguel Guzman

“Europa” by Flan Rey Joy, Jesus Bravo and Miguel Guzman

In this instance, the result of an organic communion of ideas and their ramified manifestations among the performers whose devices interact electrically and electronically during the show. From the concept of the city, Magma moves to the concept of the cave and in doing so triggers a descent into
the cave of our latent mind.

Collective Performance – 4th of November

Collective Creation by Jaime Valtierra, Mauricio Velasierra, Miguel Guzman, Azahara Ubera,

Yuri Pirondi, Ines von Bonhorst and Jesus Bravo.

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