Mnemonic City – Plato’s Cave

21/22 September 2012 at the Doomed Gallery, London
Mnemonic City is exploring the idea of city as a receptacle, taking inspiration from Plato’s Myth of the Cave. The allegory explores the relation of humankind with their environment, questioning what is real and what appearance is. The theme explores notion of identity, fragmentation
and the idea of shadow.
The nature of this series of performances is intricately linked to this conjunction of natures by which disparate physical and emotional organized elements construct an image, a common space which becomes an internal metropolis of sensations, a ‘Mnemopolis’, city of remembrance, where ‘anasubstantial’ interconnections take form and language turns back into a primordial sign. This points to the potential/virtual body of what Deleuze and Guattari call “Phase Space”, in this instance, the result of an organic communion of ideas and their ramified manifestations among the performers whose devices interact electrically and electronically during the show. From the concept of the city, Magma moves to the concept of the cave and in doing so triggers a descent i
nto the cave of our latent mind.
The cave Magma explores opens to show the dark motions of the mind traversing territories of ancestral memory having embarked on the ghost ship of mythology. The character of the environment thus reflects the development of the rapport established between the phenomenological process taking place ‘on stage’ and the perceptual response of the members of the public ‘off-stage’ in which these very ‘on/off’ dividing rules become
interchangeable and indistinguishable.
Magma’s own artistic evolution defies Plato’s argument, since the work at hand affords the audience a form of knowledge through sensation rather than through the exposition of form as an idea to be unravelled by the intellect. The electrified chamber the performers engineer shows us how the cave can transmute into a lake, the retina of an interior gaze remembering a history in the making.
The Magma Collective
The Gallery
Doomed Gallery is situated in Ridley Road, one of the most multi-cultural street market in London.
This street is the resume of the city melting pot, anyone that moves to London bring with themselves a part of their culture and tradition. For Magma is an important spot for studying the mnemonically
transformation of the city.  
Exhibition – Private View
At the centre “Errant Knight Divided Self” and “Construct 1”
(From Stop motion Animation “Daemon Antartica through the Eyeglass) of Pascal Ancel Bertholdi.
           At the centre “Home”by Max Max
“Void Shades”, video and photographic installation by Yuri Pirondi
On the right “Hands Off” by Jaime Valtierra
“Art Fascist” by Jaime Valtierra
Still image from the video: “DESDE 6 CYCLE: A self-portrait through Plato’s cave” by Miguel Guzman
Still image from the video: “Light/inside/out” of Azahara Ubera
“Global Village” of Bruno Jamaica
At the centre: “Abuse of your power” of Anna Burel
Installation “Surreal Business Cycle” of Rupert Jaeger
Photos by Pietro Catarinella
Performance Night

“Electroacoustic Improvisation”  by Roberto Crippa

“The Guise”  Ines Von Bonhorst – Director , Sofia Figuereido – Performer,

Mauricio Velasierra – Flute, Heidi Heidelberg – Singer,

Bruno Jamaica – Installation , Yuri Pirondi – Cinematography

“Insight Allein” by Riccardo Attanasio Matlakas

“Blind Future” by Outside Puppets

“A Cave in the Head” Adolfo Healer – Live Projection, Cementimental – Musician

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