Outside Puppets

Outside Puppets, the brainchild of sculptor and puppeteer Andreas Anguita, a London based inter-disciplinary collective of artists who met through a shared passion for puppetry and visual theatre.

Visual artists and performers, circus artists, video and sound sculptors, dancers, acrobats, animators, musicians, mimes, actors, together we train and play, we share and learn, we seek to support and heal. This is the form of our social and political activism.

We started making puppets out of recyclables and daily life used objects, bringing to life the unwanted, the rejected, as a statement of acceptance, will and hope.
Everywhere we go, we engage with audiences using creativity to empower, express and entertain.

Outside puppets is a breath of air when you need it most, a reminder of the simple relief of a magical dream or a smile.


Andres Anguita (founder, designer puppeteer, sculptor, sound), Andre Braga Verissimo (designer puppeteer, performer artist), Zoilo Lobera (Puppet performer, coach and forum theatre joker), Fede Bogo (designer puppeteer), Virginia Gamboa(puppet performer, physical comedian, circus performer), Ludovic Pujol (designer puppeteer, webmaster), Zahara O’Brien (physical theatre, mime and puppet performer),Uriel Lopez (designer puppeteer, dancer), Brandon Ross (designer puppeteer), Ainoa(puppet maker and performer), Amrit Douque (physical theatre, mime and designer puppeteer).


Julius Richard (videographer), Lina Jungergard (circus and puppet performer),Charlie Ryder (film maker and designer puppeteer), Barkosina Hanusova(actress, puppet maker and performer), Eve Tenenbaum ((physical theatre, mime and puppet performer).

Outside Puppets’ website


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