Sisetta Zappone


Born is 1984, Sissetta Zappone is a professional printmaker whose work combines etching, lithography, and woodcut printing techniques. In 2007, Sisetta graduated in painting and drawing with highest honours from the Accademia di Belle Arte in Florence, Italy. Sisetta then continued her studies at Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts, where she solidified her passion for etching and engraving, earning her MA as a master printmaker. Sisetta subsequently served as an etching teacher’s assistant at Bisonte while learning stone lithography with Master Franco Pistelli.

Sisetta’s work is a study in symbolism and archetypes in both cultural and mystical application. From a meticulous observation of reality, she expresses her personal fascinations through a dictionary of shapes that definitely find their origins in the first millennium. Finding inspiration from a world ruled by different models and philosophies, she re-invents stories and legends very far away from us in terms of time and space, seeing mythology as a universal language by which to decode human culture and being. Through her archaic imagery and their attached mythos she provokes modern viewers by offering both the old and a new interpretation of our collective and individual experience.

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