Sofia Figueiredo

Sofia Figueiredo co-founded in Porto, Portugal, 1999, the Cultural cooperative – Circolando – engaged in creating shows with a universal language, for all ages and to be performed on the street or unconventional places or wherever one could find a non elective audience, popular, noisy, without constraints of expression. In the search for that universality Circolando, as a colective of multi-disciplinary artists, create their own language and poetic imagery that tells stories without using words and free from any logical narrative; a interdisciplinary language, crossing theatre, dance, circus, music and visual arts. In 2005 she joined a team of reasearchers at c.e.m (Movement Centre, Lisbon), working around the rhythms of urban life through an experimental approach conecting body and earth on aesthetic, emotional and intellectual planes. Here her personal work focused on older people and in the way they experienced the city. For this she created workshops and interactive street performances, stimulating movement in the elderly and free expression of their stories and visions about the world. During the last six years she has been developing projects with Fiar (International Center and Festival of Street Theatre, Palmela, Potugal), creating shows with and within the local community, where the starting points, themes and issues come from local people that also participate in the performances. Sofia’s work consisted in facilitating and choreographing the material for performance. Since July 2011, she’s living in London, creating dance solos with old objects and circus aerial acts on Rope, both based on improvisation and stillness.

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