Yasmine Dainelli

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 Yasmine Dainelli is an Italian artist currently lives and works between London and Florence, gratuated with Professor Adriano Bimbi at the Academy of Fines Arts in Florence.
She has a master’s degree in printmaking at the international school
of graphic art at the “Il Bisonte”, in Florence.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions, such as:
“TECHNOHOROS” art gallery, Athens, april 2012.
“Medici Gallery of Palazzo Medici Riccardi”, Florence, may 2012.
Space “word / image” gallery of contemporary art in Bergamo Gamec, 2010.
 She’s been selected for several awards and biennial expositions and she’s the winner of the
second prize at the three-yearly French exposition “Estampadura” 2013.
Her work is based on a sensory research, through a fresh and instinctive gestures.
The high contrast of the blacks and the hard signs thick as scars, allow her to bring
to life the surface, through her subjects.


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