Yuri Pirondi

“Portrait of Ernesto Tomasini” from Icons series

Grow up in the rural hills of Apennines Mountains in Italy, Yuri Pirondi degree as “Master of Art” at the Art Institute “A. Venturi” of Modena in Photography and Visual Arts.
After a brief carrier as advertise and still life photographer Yuri moved to London to develop his art projects and collaborations. His love for the portraiture and the performing art stimulated him to collaborate with numerous theatre companies and Live Art practitioners. During this instance he recognize the video as a perfect tool to explore the dynamism of the body language. Yuri begun to explore the moving image in different way: video art, collaborative performance for the camera, documentaries, featured and short movies.


Yuri Pirondi uses as main tools of his visual expression the photography and the video.
Yuri is working together with performance artists, creating images that going beyond the meaning of portraiture, not as documentation, but as a constant creative balance between him and the subject.
The body language fascinates him as well as describes the reality that surrounds us: our perception as human beings and the controversial reality that rules our world.
Any visible or invisible clues left behind is a starting point to explore.
Everything is political.
Anything that is pushed towards the boundaries of the common outlook is revolutionary.


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